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For many adults, achieving a straighter smile has aesthetic, functional, and health benefits. However, the idea of wearing bulky metal braces can prevent many from improving their smile. John Anoskey, DDS and Michelle Baize, DDS, provide Invisalign® for patients who desire a comprehensive yet discreet alternative to traditional orthodontics. 

Why Choose Invisalign®?

Traditional metal braces rely on a series of brackets, wires, and rubber bands to coerce the teeth into a more uniform position. While effective, many patients find this form of orthodontics to be particularly uncomfortable as the metal appliances can rub and irritate the sensitive tissue within the mouth. For adults, metal braces can also detract from a professional appearance, keeping individuals from feeling confident in their smiles.

Invisalign® eliminates all metal from the orthodontic process by using a series of customized clear aligning trays to gently reposition teeth. As a result, Invisalign® is a more comfortable, virtually unnoticeable alternative that provides patients with the comparable results to traditional braces.

Receiving Invisalign Clear Braces at our Evansville Dental Office  

Compared to metal braces, Invisalign® is uniquely personalized to each patient. Our Evansville Invisalign provider uses a digital scanner to create a model of your smile and determine how many trays will be needed to correct dental alignment. Once the treatment plan has been created, patients are able to get an idea for how long they can expect their Invisalign® treatment to last as well as what kind of results they can expect. 

For patients who need only minimal changes to their dentition, Invisalign® 10 can be used to correct minor relapse or single tooth rotations with just 10 aligning trays. For individuals with more extensive malocclusion needs, treatment time can range anywhere from 18 to 24 months, similar to traditional braces. 

The bulk of Invisalign® treatment is conducted at home. During monthly visits to John Anoskey, DDS, and Michelle Baize, DDS, our Evansville dentists check treatment progress and provide patients with their next sets of trays. As the trays are removable, patients are responsible for changing them according to their treatment plan at home. The convenience of care makes Invisalign® ideal for busy patients or those unable to take time off work or school to visit the dentist. While treatment success is highly dependent on patient compliance, many find Invisalign® comfortable, non-invasive, and easy-to-wear.

Caring for Invisalign® is extremely easy. In addition to nightly cleaning, we ask patients to remove their aligning trays before eating and to brush and floss before replacing their trays. Not only does this prevent damage to the trays, but it also helps ensure your smile remains healthy and decay-free throughout the treatment. 

Evansville Invisalign Provider - Clear Braces & Invisible Aligners

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At John Anoskey DDS and Michelle Baize, DDS, we are dedicated to helping patients achieve optimal oral health and their ideal dental aesthetics. With Invisalign®, we are able to offer adults a new, personalized alternative to achieving their dream smile. To learn more about these clear braces, contact our Evansville dentists today to schedule your Invisalign® consultation at our Evansville family dental practice

Experience has taught Dr. Anoskey, from Evansville, IN, that for most people, teeth become more crooked in the middle and later decades of life. This can be unsightly and unhealthy. Since we believe in optimum health for life, we offer Invisalign, as the most preferred method of straightening adult teeth.