Dental Implant Restorations

Restoring Dental Implants in Evansville

At the office of John D. Anoskey, DDS and Michelle Baize, DDS our goal is to provide patients and their families with dental restorations that improve every aspect of their smiles. Whether you’re replacing a single tooth with a dental implant or looking to restore an entire arch of damaged teeth, our Evansville dentists use innovative dental technology to ensure you receive the best dental implant prosthetics for your smile. 

What is an Implant Restoration?

Each part of the implant plays an important role in helping patients improve their long-term oral health and achieve a more beautiful smile. When placed strategically, the implant helps stimulate healthy bone density, stabilizing the restoration and preventing future tooth loss.

Above the gum line, the restoration does more than improve dental aesthetics. Dental implant restorations allow patients to enjoy greater strength of function, as well as the look of a complete smile. Given the versatility of this treatment, dental implants can support a wide array of different restoration options. At John D. Anoskey, DDS and Michelle Baize, DDS, we work closely with trusted dental specialists and dental labs to create natural looking, precise dental implant restorations tailored to each patient’s specific needs. These include:

Porcelain Crowns

For patients missing only one tooth, single unit implants are often the most effective method for improving their entire smile without altering neighboring teeth. Once the implant post has been placed, customized porcelain crowns are created to blend in seamlessly with neighboring teeth. 

Porcelain Bridges

In cases where an individual is missing multiple teeth in an arch, implant-supported bridges may be the most comprehensive option. Similar to traditional bridges, these fixed alternatives are made of high quality porcelain for optimal function and can range in size from two teeth to a full arch. Rather than being attached to neighboring teeth however, implant bridges are secured with special abutments to several implant posts, depending on the size of the restoration. 

Implant-Secured Dentures

Dental implants can also be used as a means of stabilizing existing restorations. For patients missing entire arches of teeth or those with existing dentures, our Evansville dentists can create adapted dentures to improve oral function and aesthetics. With implant-supported dentures, patients can once again enjoy eating, speaking, chewing just as they did with their natural smile. 

Learn More about Implant Restorations in Evansville Today

Our dentists believe that every patient deserves to enjoy exceptional quality of life. Dr. Anoskey and Dr. Baize work closely with trusted specialists to create a highly personalized implant placement and restoration strategy for each smile. Using in-depth digital x-rays, digital scanning, and iCAT cone beam imaging, your entire implant placement and restoration plan is precisely developed specifically to meet your unique smile needs. 

To learn more, contact our team today at our Evansville family dental practice to schedule your implant restoration visit.