Children's Dentistry

Children’s Dentistry in Evansville

The health of your smile during childhood significantly influences the future health of your dentition. At John D. Anoskey, DDS and Michelle Baize, DDS, our mission is to provide children with the preventive, age appropriate care they need to achieve lasting oral wellness in the future. By combining state-of-the-art equipment with compassionate care, our family-friendly dental practice in Evansville provides a friendly environment where children of all ages can feel comfortable receiving care.

The Long-Term Impact of Baby Teeth

While the primary teeth may be temporary, their health can have a lasting impact on a patient’s future oral health. When properly cared for and cleaned, healthy baby teeth ensure healthy permanent teeth, allowing patients to enjoy continued oral health as they develop their adult dentition. Without an effective hygiene plan however, demineralization and childhood caries (cavities) can wreak havoc on a still-developing smile, requiring advanced restorations to treat and leaving young smiles vulnerable to future health issues. 
In addition to impacting a child’s oral wellness, early visits and check-ups by our Evansville dentists are critical to helping children make positive associations with dental care. Many cases of dental anxiety and phobia can be traced back to poor dental experiences during childhood. By taking the time to help children feel comfortable in the dentist’s chair and educating them on the long-term importance of a healthy smile, Drs. Anoskey and Baize are able to help children adopt the right hygiene skills for at home care and lessen the likelihood of developing dental fears in the future. 

Protecting your Child’s Smile  

At our Evansville family practice, our emphasis is on proactive and preventive children’s dentistry. We want to ensure your child enjoys a healthy smile at every age, starting with their first dental visit. Our dentists typically recommend that parents first bring their child in for a lap-to-lap visit once the first tooth emerges or before the first birthday. During this check-up, Drs. Anoskey and Baize will simply check the development of the baby teeth and focus more on at-home care. Often, we will also discuss smile-friendly diets with patients.
As your child grows, we continue to monitor their smile, checking for indicators that more advanced care may be needed. Using our in-office panoramic X-ray, our Evansville dentists are able to comprehensively evaluate every part of your child’s smile and determine that everything is developing properly. During treatment, our hygienists and dentists will also provide more in-depth explanation of how different instruments work. Using hands-on demonstrations and kid-friendly language, we make dental care a comfortable, fun experience for children. 
While healthy smiles are ideal, we know that cavities can be a common problem for many children. Our conservative approach to cavity prevention ensures that children and parents alike fully understand about the long-term consequences of cavities and how to prevent them at home through effective brushing and flossing as well as healthy diet. 

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From preventive fluoride and sealants to advanced cavity treatments, our dentists in Evansville are committed to helping children maintain a healthy smile as they transition from primary teeth to an adult smile. For more information about children’s dentistry in Evansville, contact John D. Anoskey, DDS, and Michelle Baize, DDS today to schedule your child’s next visit.